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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quite a Lot of Not Much

1) Nothing quite encourages cramps like muggy weather. It sets into your skin, intensifies back aches, trumps Advil and makes you wish for sleep and a chick flick and a bar of chocolate and a pot of popcorn with extra butter and a dr. pepper.

2) East of Eden is an amazingly good early-rainy-season read. I just want to sit and waste the day away on rooting for the Hamilton’s and fearing the good and evil in everyone. I want to sit and drink tea and coffee and eat muffins and drink water with ice and lemon and read this novel only. It is one of those books that comes at you in a time when you need it; always you need this book but when you sit and really give yourself a chance to read it, read it, feel it, cry and laugh and angrily get through sentences that make you ill it comes through to you and you realize.
3) You Realize.
But I have duties, responsibilities; I must tend to my hand, take water to Wurdia, play a bit with Dabi, save face. Around 4pm I think I’ll go to Sirakoro and call home from atop a rock in a field in the sun.

4) The warm sun is coming out to dry the night’s rain and to release the mahmah’s from their nests in the ground. Today I’ll do my dishes and sweep and refrain from crying; although sometimes tears overwhelm me; fear and want and discomfort and the guilt of it all knowing that all those things are daily here and normal and ignored.

p.s. These cramps are not helping.

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