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Saturday, June 20, 2009

jeepers creepers let me see those peepers

(Sunday Evening)
You know how your parents tell you that there isn’t a monster in the closet or that no one is on the roof, the house is just settling? Well, against all odds, its usually true. The wood and cement and plaster and paint all expand and compress with heat and humidity and snow and winds. However, when you’re house is made of mud bricks and bamboo rods and 6ft tall grasses, those noises are actually monsters, with exoskeletons and wings and long pinchers… nesting and moving about in the black of the night, termites eating away at my new beams, roaches crawling in and out of the grass layers, shinning their backs at me when I boldly and stupidly inspect for them with my flashlight.

Creepy crawlies indeed.

I’m ready for proper ventilation and a roach-less life and late night fridge raids and cold milk and a proper bed.

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