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Saturday, June 20, 2009

15 june 2009

A Very Successful Monday
Terrible dreams followed by a nice breakfast, subdued by bloody stool, rejuvenated by averting an always-awkward conversation with my self-appointed supervisor, MansaBoubou, I jetted off to Sirakoro to buy food stuffs, meat and call home to my sweet Ryan. Feeling stronger but strange about my dreams, my impatience and desire for mornings to be spent in America and with Ryan, were diverted by my dear friend Samba Sidibe. A village elder and extraordinarily smart man with skills beyond any known reason, he is a famous tree expert in Mali, and has agreed to help me start a Moringa Tree pepiniere; then he again and again reiterated why I trusted him so much by helping me knock three other things off my To-Do list.
After running the errands with Samba as my guide, I went to see Papa Sidibe, the principal at the school in Mourgoula, always an experience, who today proved very helpful and kind. We hung out, drank tea, talked about soccer, the new Mayor, electricity, good cuts of meat, the importance literacy with children and how funny Liza is. Then I got to speak to Liza while standing on a rock facing West, which was lovely but a little sad, then with Ryan, which was lovely, strange and rejuvenating.
I rode home, gave a half of a goat to Wurdia, watched as she smiled greater and greater, fetched water, played with Dabi, who is healthy and happy and fun, ate dinner, was blessed for buying a bunch of meat, and ate a very delicious meal.
It was a very good Monday.

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