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Saturday, October 16, 2010

flashback, throw back, back ache

red sand stained feet, intensely brushing my teeth. jumping creeks, horseback, as a child. Ryan O'Brien, smiling, beaming, terrified, glorified, disembarking the plane in Bamako, Mali. riding dirt bikes with Skylar Schalit hillside in south Texas.
laughing at the one penguin spotted while on the southernmost beaches of New Zealand with Joe Houchins. porch talks, swatting mosquitos, swigging Lone Stars with Andrew Vickers, Patrick Dentler, Stew Jarmon, Jenny Gilbert and Zac Dunman.
bicycling through traffic in 3inch heels downtown Austin... laughing, hysterically, with Bob and Mohanta Schalit in Salida, watching a fire tease Tenderfoot Mountain.

carrying Dabi Sidibe on my shoulders, walking down the red dirt road, towards family, distress and dinner.
holding Ryan's hand, December 12, 2007, thigh deep in snow, Turret, CO., admiring the meteor shower.
riding in the red truck with Bob Biglow to the San Luis Valley to work, Zoe in the truck bed, enjoying.
laying with Zoe and Saul, both giving in to and overcoming a post Peace Corps anxiety attack. baby-signing with Fisher in the DownTown Bakery while Ryan fills up our coffee cups. toting water, atop my head, to Wurdia's water pail. running through the forrest with Skylar and Decoy, Spike following at a slower distance. Christmas morning in the log cabin house in Conifer, warm, delightful, lovely.

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