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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

an uphill battle...worthy nonetheless

tips from someone currently in the foxhole:

  • make your bed. always. always. it gives you, first thing, a sense of purpose: tidiness. simple, plain, but effective.
  • sweat, by choice every single day, especially those days where you're so low you can barely get out of bed. stay in bed, and do situps, or lie on your side and do leg lifts. before you know it, you're stretching and relief will warm you like your sheets.
  • smile. force it. you'll feel so foolish and stupid, you'll start laughing at yourself. voila! success. (thanks, Daddy)
  • stay warm. drink tea (i recommend Traditional Medicinals Good Mood - with St. John's Wart with Irish or Earl Grey tea, for the caffeine). eat spicy peppers in everything (cayanne goes great in cereal and hot cocoa, so don't act like spice doesn't go with everything... it does)
  • sunshine: fake it, take it. tanning beds could possibly be the worst things ever - when they are abused. i go to a tanning bed once a week for 5 minutes... just for the sunshine of it. i also take a huge vitamin D supplement, since i live in a state of cloudiness and mist (Washington).
  • leave your house. go for a walk, even if just around the block or to the library. always leave your house with at least $5 - covers any bar's cheapest beer or any coffee houses biggest cup of joe.
  • talk to someone, even if its yourself. verbilizing everything (to choice audiences, you don't want to be blazened with the woeful lable of and "over share'r"), this is where cats, best friends (who have the time to sit and listen... always double check), therapists, dogs, squirrels, paintings, come in handy. try it. once its out - its out and you can continue breathing.
  • i tune in. music, listen to it, whether you like it or not, just get your brain focused on anything other than whats troubling you. don't know what you want to listen to? try NPR, pandora, deezer for interesting, new, out of your box musicians, noises and tunes.
  • water your plants. just because, when they bloom, you feel indifference. but when they die - you weep.
  • sweep (or suck). keep your floors clean, spotless if you can. being barefoot is good for everything in my opinon. and, well, my opinion matters. its also less disgusting when someone comes over, whether its a delivery man, a neighbor or a friend, you don't have to apologize for being a mess.
  • always, always, get dressed. see above. also, just because.

if you have any tips to share with someone who phases in and out and in and out of this battle zone, please do share them here. thanks and, always, seatbelts.


Elizabeth said...

I completely agree with making your bed and getting dressed. Once you make your bed you can't get back in it! And along those lines, take a shower. It's a fresh, clean start. I got your letter :) I'm working on a response... xoxo

AmyLee said...

just stumbled upon your gem of a blog tonight and couldnt relate more to this specific post. Moving to a new place can be really tough, and draining- but these simple pieces of advice that you just listed can make a wooorrrllddd of difference in the day-to-day :). keep on keepin on mah friend. xo, amy