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Friday, March 13, 2009

patrick dentler

i am trying to put photos onto my but it is taking so long.
please forgive me, darling. hopefully i can get some up before my patience runs out and i throw things like a little kid... which i have inadvertently turned into when it comes to technology in the third world.

i was sitting in the bank presidents office the other day, in a leather chair, amongst piles of paperwork, electronics and from behind his small circular glasses he noticed that i was looking around in somewhat of a dumbfounded manner.
he adjusted his tie and began to read aloud notes and numbers and flipped through his billfold to show me a diploma. his pride and his ability to read, write and do basic if not complicated arithmetic truly threw me off.
because i know that when he leaves here to eat lunch, prepared by an oppressed woman who undoubtedly bore his children while still a child herself, washes his hands with the same tool he uses to wipe his butt, probably takes a swig of that same water, then proceeds to eat from a metal bowl on the floor with his hand. he surely throws his tie over his shoulder and later returns through the dusty, filth ridden streets, past starving children and polio-maimed elders, to his shiny perfect office and his electronics.

i am so confused. feeling rather judgmental in my state of observant participation. how does one become a Change Agent as Peace Corps so politically correctly puts it when it so obviously is not a clear change?


anyway, pat-o, this is my excuse for avoiding uploading photos because it takes so much damn time. also, i find it strange to be in a place where most people don't even know about electricity but some, few, are able to use and abuse it.

one day, this will make sense. until then, drink one for me and hope that i come home less crazy than i am now :)

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