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Friday, March 13, 2009

in an attempt to cool the oven that is my mud hut

Hut test:
- putting water on the floors midmorning and midafternoon – possibly will encourage humidity and/or coolness…
- shut doors; keep east window closed until 2pm; west before noon

(You are eating your 5/13th of the Peace Corps Pie…)

Later: the aforementioned do not work.
Also, I need Ryan. He is my life. I breath and sweat and cry and eat and smile for him. Knowing that he is doing the same keeps me going.
Why did I put so much space between us?!
Masochist? Tortured artist? (where is the art?) Damn it. I’m so lonely here. I miss Janna. And Lauren. And BT. And Patrick, both McL and D. and Vickers. Whitis in general. And Brett Buchanan. And SKYLAR. But I bet they miss me too.


LaurenMcA said...

i miss you too!!

Jenny said...

ahem! I MISS YOU!