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Friday, April 29, 2011

keep the South(erners) in mind today

keep the South in mind, today, as you complain about exes, overcooked burgers, scream at customer service agents and accidentally bleached trousers... hug your kids, your moms, your dads and friends a little bit longer today - do it for the South.


Pessioptimist said...

Aw :( That is a sad picture. The weather is awful now! I posted a video of the weather where I am right now. Not awesome. *thumbs down*

Geo. said...

Well Mali, you're very good at this blogging - for every 10 words I write, you write about 200 and although sad words they're nicely composed. You could help me with web design as well. You always wanted to be a writer, huh? Sorry if you're already a published author.