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Saturday, February 12, 2011

a truly great forty-eight

February 6; 5pm Central Time

When you’re happy, you find yourself in a bubble of warmth, of comfort, you smile without knowing it, you laugh without hesitation just like you breathe, you touch and are touched by people who are touching your skin and your heart and it’s the happiest, sweetest, truest touch. Hugging Patrick, Andrew, Joe, Lauren, some of the best of my bests, was as sweet and loving as holding a baby or petting a puppy.

When you’re happy, happy in its truest purest form, you are a walking light. You emit and radiate warmth. That warmth, I can tell, as I sit at the airport, drinking a Firemans4, watching the pre-game shows, amongst complete strangers, will stay with me, will not simply linger but maintain for a while to come.

And thank god for it.

I’m so lucky to have the family I have, to have the friends I have, and to know that I truly have all of these people. Of course, they are not mine to have, but we have bonds, connections, memories, aspirations, transitions and laughs that are mine, are theirs, are ours and I have them as friends, as family, as a part of me.

I’m beaming. It’s been a wonderful forty-eight hours in Austin, Texas. Two days full of hugs and tears, beers and laughs, sunshine and flurries. It’s actually been the best.

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