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Sunday, December 5, 2010

my mama knows me well

knowing that retail-therapy is one of my most successful ways out of the dumps, and, taking into consideration the fact that i'm too tired to go prescribe myself a new sweater or some cute lacey tunic, my darling mother, Mohanta, took it upon her self to apply some new purchase ointment to my wounds and sent me a perfect-fit, precious wool/cotton blend, cinched at (my ever shrinking) waist, all-the-rage plaid coat!

i absolutely love it and love Y.O.L.O. for carrying it and Loni Walton for assisting in the purchase.

i feel better already.
although, now that i wrote this post, and posed for a photograph, 
i'm exhausted and am going to lay back down.

thanks Dr. Mama; your Rx hit the spot!

1 comment:

Fowl Ideas said...

"Retail therapy"

Never heard of that.

I assume you refer to the joy of acquiring things.