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Monday, June 28, 2010

Here's hoping that your Monday can in no way be represented by this photograph...

This week is a big one here in Olympia, WA; supposedly, this is the week that summer actually starts in the Pacific Northwest. I don't buy it, though, mostly because I just watched the local weather and the highs this week are, at best, mid 60s. I'm not complaining, but I will be come this weekend if this keeps up. Friends from college are wedding this weekend in Denver, so I'll go there to get my sun fix, I suppose. Yet another perk to Jonas and Brittany's wedding is that Ryan O'Brien is coming to escort me and meet my friends! He is well suited and will be a lovely addition to an already fantastic July 4th weekend.
This week also marks the two week countdown to Sensaria's biggest event of the year coming up and, as the company's copy writer, I've got my hands full. Its intimidating, exciting, telling and on the very near horizon. Mostly I'm writing speeches and infomercial-type seminars and I'm really excited about it. So far, my work has been well received and quite quickly I went from having a grey-area title to Copy Writer in two weeks. Thats a good start and now I just need to try and maintain the momentum as well as possible.

I found a fantastically quaint and lovely apartment in downtown Olympia and move in there next weekend! I'm looking forward to the liberty that your own space allows you; freedom of taste, timing and space. Its going to be a good week, I can just feel it.

Now, and quite honestly, I do hope that your day goes better than that bright red and poignantly deflated man-o-war's. Do your best to stay afloat! Happy Monday!

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margaret said...

poor little man o war. But he/she sure does make a pretty blob!!