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Saturday, May 2, 2009

well found water

20 April
Madou found water! He was so excited and proud he came to tell me bright and early. What a cool guy.

Ah, I should preface those words of excitement with this:
My dear friend and amazingly bright Mourgoula resident, Madou Sidibe, and his friend DjiDji Coulibally, have started, with the help of the Men’s Muslim Association, have started a small animal husbandry project (a chicken coop) to help the community have an easier and more accessible way to buy chickens. Any sort of protein diversification is greatly welcomed by the pallets of Mourgoula as is any form of small business. PC said, in various ways, that it wouldn’t work. It hasn’t worked in the past. Let them try and fail and be there to help him figure out how to learn from the mistakes.
No thanks.
He needs a well, which is where I came in.

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