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Monday, January 5, 2009


so seliba is the local word for Tabaski, which is kind of celebrated like a Muslim Christmas: everyone gives over zealous and unnecessary greetings that take up so much time you end up resenting everyone later on for it; there is so much food you don't know what to do with yourself; children are handed ridiculous amounts of candy and then scolded for going nuts; people dress up and spill palm wine all over themselves; goats are beheaded, cleaned and their skins are used just hours later to pray facing east... just like Christmas, right?

these were delicious.

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LaurenMcA said...

so i guess it's safe to say you haven't converted to veganism for me yet...haha! wow, what an incredible experience. keep the stories comin'....we are keeping up with the blog and thinking of you always!

much love,
lauren (and seanberg)