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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


tshirt slogans in this country, and probably most poor countries, are amazing.

at one point i saw a man, young, probably in his early 20's, walking down a major highway with a plain white tshirt imprinted with red letters and arrows pointed at his biceps, it read: always use protection.

some others of notability include: souled out for jesus, University of Texas Aggies in blues and yellow and, my personal favorite was plastered, pleasant pictures of Saddam Hussein and at the button down collar and weaving its way around the waist was: Peace, Love, Justice, Harmony - Hussein, he's our man.


Honna said...

Hola syd,

I'm chilling at Harsha's place right now trying to ride out this hurricane (Ike) that may come and wipe out galveston.
Hope you are drier than we are.


LaurenMcA said...

this reminds me of "how do you feel? great day!"...

haha love you and miss you!