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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a new day, a new do

11 Sept 2008

like i said - cyclical. up this morning, same gasps for breath sans humidity, same reassurance of humanity, same cup of instant coffee with powdered milk and rock infused sugar. one thing that is sure - i'm the changing factor in this equation. not africa. not the air or the heat or the food or the instant coffee. me.

on that note, with huge, terrifying, scary, motivating and triumphant (once attempted and not failed) life changes coming my way - i'm going to stay as positive as possible. i'm going to laugh at the things that would other wise scare the shit out of me. i'm going to cry when i deem it necessary.

its ok. its going to be ok.

ps, if you didn't notice, i would love for some good soul to send me actual real amazing coffee... instant is instantaneously terrible.

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