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Monday, May 30, 2011

a hermits life for me

as i test the waters of the dating world i find myself pulling back, further and further, into my shell; sleeping longer hours; eating less; enjoying Nugent more; finding solace in books and writings than in the company of others; especially strangers. 

i figure if the best face i can put on is one mustered with (even just slight) intoxication, i should maybe hold off for awhile longer. 

the wounds are too fresh; the scars still visible; the warmth still there. although i know my ex has and/or is trying to move on, i guess i'm just not ready yet. and that is just fine with me. i'm happy for him, for Fisher, for what is next in his life. i hope its full of good things; less drama; more sun and smiles and a lot less of the Crazy. i hope that, too, for his new ladyfriend. sincerely. 
oh yea, and dating in the rain is the pits! 
thanks Olympia for keeping me snug as a hermitty bug in my precious, warm, dry and kitten-friendly home. 

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