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Saturday, November 13, 2010

its in the numbers

in a matter of one hour and twenty-five minutes (a time span in which i spoke zero words, walked seventeen city blocks and was not listening to my ipod) i had four people, strangers at that, tell me that i was one of the following:

- ugly

- rude

- a jerk

- the meanest

remember, zero words came from my mouth. in that time, i went to the public library where a man, tall, odorous and black, stood smoking a cigarette blowing his exhaust directly at the walkway, told me first that he, "loved me and would like to love me elsewhere." then, since i did not respond (because, honestly, how do you?), he told me i was "f%^&#g ugly and should smile when people talk to me."


a man being ticketed for what i can only assume was public drunkenness, or something to that affect, told me, not the cop giving him a citation, that i was "a damn rude girl." i crossed between him and the cop, nodding to the police man, implying "excuse me" who said, "sure."


then, a sad looking, extremely large woman sat on my stoop, smoking, spitting, coughing and drunk. i have never seen her before and hope never to again. i was dropping off my library books to go for a walk and was told, by this whale on my porch, that i "shouldn't be so damn rude, slammin' doors and being a jerk."

alice, who has recently returned from a hospital visit with a better attitude and a little more skip in her step on the stoop, told me, out of the damn blue (which, by the way, is a non-topical point here since the sun apparently never ever ever comes out), that i, sydney schalit, was "the meanest neighbor" ever.

welcome home.

what a day.


Megan said...

haha i hope i'm leaving a comment, but who knows...
because now when i open your blog and try to leave a comment everything is in f-ing dutch. jesusgod!
what next?
what other sweet little piece of my sanity will this country steal from me?!
anyhow, i'm here. i'm reading your blog...because...we can't chat and I miss you so.
also, i just love reading your words.

and at least no one took the G out off your name tag on your front door ;) (which is to say that I done been there, darlin')

Megan said...

Uw reactie is opgeslagen! Het kan even duren voordat je reactie op de website wordt weergegeven op oorspronkelijk bericht.

these are my instructions to leave you a comment. maybe.

f me.