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Saturday, September 11, 2010

when you're down and out, don't get busted, get baking

when i'm feeling low, or my temperature is high, i tend to turn to food. lucky for me, my parents instilled in me a healthful knowledge of food. i don't turned to snack foods, although i am a sucker for doritos and a dr. pepper... but generally, i turn to cooking, namely baking.

making something delightful from scraps, mixing the recipe's request with my own supplies and seeing how it turns out.

today i have a fever and the flu, i'm missing my parents (who are also under the weather) and my boyfriend, Ryan. i'm missing that sense of warmth that those people give me, that sense of wholeness that if oft lost on the phone.
anyway, i' missing those wee moments, more often than not, lost amongst the entirety of a situation, and am making wee pies.

wee pies came to fruition because of my adoration for cupcakes, their size and composition, because the Olympia Farmers Market has an amazing selection of berries, and, well, just because they are precious and delicious.

here is the recipe, i hope you enjoy:

Wee.Pies with no-roll pie crust recipe:
1 c whole wheat flour
1/2 c rolled oats,
1/4 c sugar,
1/2 c (liquid @ room temperature) coconut oil,
1/4 c cold water,
1/8 c milk,
dash of salt;
combine all dry ingredients, using a fork blend mixture and form small dip in the middle; there, in the dip, add the wet ingredients and blend mixture using the fork.
once thoroughly blended, press into greased dozen-cupcake pan.

Wee.Pies filling recipe:
3 c any mixture of fresh berries,
1/4 c of water,
1/2 c honey or sugar (or both!),
one chocolate bar - divided;
in a saucepan, boil water and sweetness, adding berries and lowering the heat to "cook down"; place 1/4 inch divisions of the chocolate bar to each pie crust; before the berries have all popped, use a slatted or small spoon to drain them of the juice and fill each pie crust; (tip: save juice from the boiled-berries in sealed container for cocktails or smoothies later, keep in fridge); bake at 400F for about 14 minutes!


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