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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


its only an update boys and girls:
i'm well.
ryan came and went and left a great impression on my community, my friends and most importantly me.
i am working on a project but need funding from PC who acutally want to me to request more money than necessary which is killing me!
i am visiting my parents soon in France and cannot wait.
i am playing with bunnies named Bam and Brigo and its beautiful.
ryan generously took the time to upload pictures to my website:

please know that i will have something more substantial to say soon.

actually, what could be more substantial than reiterating my love for one mr ryan obrien? nothing but seeing as how the topic is more along the development lines, i'm willing to bend.

happy spring, my fellow americans. enjoy the weather, the cool water, the popcorn at movies, the receipts and the right to question it all.
i know i will... when i come home... in 2010.

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